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Capital: Vienna I Language: German I Currency: Euro I Population: 8.460.390 I Calling Code +43

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"Servus!" Welcome to Austria!
Discover the real hostel experience and visit our hostel accommodation in Austria, meet our friendly staff who can help you find the best things to do and see. HI Hostels are great places to meet fellow travellers from destinations worldwide.

Visit Austria for unforgettable experiences in unforgettable places. Austria is immensely diverse and the culture is rich in variety, with vast spaces of unrestricted nature alongside pulsating cities, historic villages and splendid cultivated landscapes. Dotted around the countryside are historic fortresses, castles and monasteries.

Nowadays a monastery terrace has sometimes been turned into a lounge with a DJ; a lake into a natural stage setting for operas; the spaces between museums in Vienna into an outdoor living room complete with comfy furniture to chill on. This is the Land of Music, and that doesn’t just mean Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven. A huge number of different music festivals throughout the country spread their reach and their musical tastes into far reaching genres.

The legendary Austrian easy living says it all: pure, laid back enjoyment coupled to a let’s-see-where-it-takes-us approach, obtainable at inns, wine picnic bars and archaic mountain huts everywhere you go.


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There are no end of possibilities for all types of groups staying at our hostels throughout the world. Our hostel destinations are not just filled with impressive architecture and reputable museums but also they cater for schools and colleges looking to get a real hands on experience, along with good quality, affordable hostel accommodation and a welcoming atmosphere. Staff at the hostels are fully trained to give you the best advice on the best places to go in the destination you choose, be in art galleries, museums or alternative destinations you may not have considered. If you are a teacher, we can help you tailor your group trip to optimise your student’s cultural experience whilst also enhancing the learning experience for your classes. Books just don’t cut it compared to seeing the real thing!
So whether you are a school looking for the best group accommodation for your next trip or you want to hire out a whole hostel for a large party, be on the beach with a group of friends or, or treat your family to a short break, then HI Groups could have the answer.   Browse through all of our quality assured hostels here and make an enquiry today!

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